IAG gnss@ROB
A Working Group of the International Association of Geodesy
Subcommission 1.3 on Regional Reference Frames

Conclusions (Status September 2013)

Jan 13, 2015

A preliminary combination of the regional densification solutions has been performed. It consists of a cumulative position and velocity solution for 1770 stations as well as their associated residual position time series. This successfull combinationresulted in longer and more populated time series. In addition, the reliability of the estimated velocities have been increased thanks to redundancy.

In the preliminary combination, ~1000 NAREF-NGS stations are not included yet, but they will be added soon. We will also update and improve the consistency of the discontinuities.

The main drawback of the present combination is a mix of antenna calibration models. For this reason, all contributors will submit new weekly solutions compliant with IGS repro2 in 2014. A new final combination will be done in 2014-2015.