IAG gnss@ROB
A Working Group of the International Association of Geodesy
Subcommission 1.3 on Regional Reference Frames


Jan 13, 2015

Working Group members are one hand representatives of the regional subcommissions within sub-commission 1.3 'Regional Reference Frames' and on the other hand scientists who are contributing to the elaboration of velocity field densifications.

Carine BruyninxBelgiumChair
Juliette LegrandBelgiumCo-Chair
Mike CraymerCanadaNAREF representative
John DawsonAustraliaAPREF representative
Jake GriffithsUSANAREF representative
Ambrus KenyeresHungaryEUREF representative
Paul RebischungFranceResponsible for IGS contribution
Laura SánchezGermanySIRGAS representative
Alvaro Santamaría-GómezSpainResponsible for ULR contribution
Elifuraha SariaTanzaniaAFREF representative
Zuheir Altamimi FranceITRS Center of the IERS